D-Style Dance

D-Style Dance

Dance to inspire

D-Style Dance is a professional award winning dance and fitness company based in London.

You're about to host a glamorous event. All eyes will be on you and the experience you deliver. You want something memorable, something unique and something that will have your guests talking about the event for weeks! Perhaps it's the wedding of the decade. Perhaps it's a display of cultural diversity. You need D-Style Dance.

We are Bollywood specialists providing enthralling Bollywood performances and workshops for all events. We offer a highly professional and authentic Bollywood dance service personalised to your event needs. Our highly skilled dance troupe adds glamour to any event with their spectacular performances, outfits and interactive dance workshops. 

Do you want to learn, or your kids to learn Bollywood dance which is not only taught by instructors who have years of experience, but also be taught be one of the few classes graded by the United Kingdom Alliance of Dance (UKA)? Our Bollywood dance classes for kids and adults are award winning and we are now accepting enthusiastic new learners for some of our classes.

We are also passionate about sharing our dance and cultural expertise and promoting fitness through dance, hence offer a variety of classes for all age ranges around London. We run very popular Bollywood Bhangra dance and fitness classes, Zumba, legs bums and tums and our own unique international Dance Fitness classes. We are Bollywood and Indian classical dance trained choreographers, performers and instructors; and are DBS, fitness and nutrition-certified too

Would you like to learn dance and get fitter, or organise and enjoy a quality performance or workshop for your event? If so you have come to the right place!

What We Offer: 

  • Bollywood and Bhangra Performances for All Events
  • Customised International dance style performances
  • Bollywood, Bhangra and International dance style Interactive Workshops for All Events
  • Bollywood Dance Learning Classes for Kids Age 3+, Teens and Ladies
  • Bollywood Bhangra Fitness and Zumba Classes for Ladies
  • Private Dance Tuition and personalised choreography for Weddings, Couple first Dances and Family Dances 
  • Music video choreography and training
  • Professional Training and Certification for Instructors and Professional Performers


For further information please contact us by email on info@dstyle.co or call 07415 769 929.